Vision, Mission & Values

Inspiring Students to Create and Shape the World of Tomorrow


We believe every child has the potential to become a successful and empathetic global citizen who will have a positive impact on the community


We believe that by guiding and inspiring children, they can unlock their talents to become the skilled, self-driven and adaptable minds of tomorrow.


Our philosophy is to provide an educational environment of high achievement. Our students are provided with every opportunity to develop their personal and social skills, so they are prepared to take their place in the society as educated, thoughtful and responsible citizens.

Our Aims are:

  • to develop in our students' knowledge, skills and values to think, learn, communicate and solve problems
  • to offer Curriculum that draws on the best practices of schools in the UK and meets the requirements of our accreditation agencies that foster a love of learning
  • to foster an understanding and critical appreciation of the values (moral, spiritual, religious, social and cultural) which have traditionally accorded respect in society
  • to nurture a sense of personal identity, self-esteem, and awareness of one’s particular abilities, aptitudes and limitations, combined with respect for the rights and beliefs of others
  • to promote excellence and equality in the development of the educational potential of all pupils
  • to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes, a spirit of inquiry, and the capacity to analyse issues critically and constructively,
  • to develop expressive, creative and artistic abilities to the individual’s full capacity
  • to foster a spirit of self-reliance, innovation, initiative and imagination
  • to promote physical and emotional health and well-being
  • to develop a feeling of self-worth and a sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline in both attitude and behavior
  • to develop the ability to interact and work effectively with others
  • to breed tolerant, caring and politically aware members of society
  • to foster in pupils a global awareness and a sense of responsibility for the long-term care of the environment.

BSP Assumptions

  1. We believe that every child is UNIQUE and IMPORTANT!

  2. We believe that every student should REACH his/her POTENTIAL!

  3. We believe that people have ALL THE ABILITY they need to SUCCEED!

  4. We believe that there is NO FAILURE only FEEDBACK!

  5. People are NOT EMPTY VESSELS; they have a BRAIN that can learn and resources to change already within them!

  6. We are aware that people who come in the door today ARE NOT THE SAME as yesterday. Learning is CHANGE!

  7. We believe that every person has a TALENT and only needs to discover it. We will help her/him to find his/her GIFT!

  8. We believe that 21st Century Education is a SKILL BASED process that builds FUTURE ACHIEVERS!

  9. We make INQUIRERS, who ADAPT easily to the ever-changing world and they are SUCCESSFUL in life!

  10. We agree that BSP, in cooperation with FAMILIES, will prepare children for their FUTURE SUCCESS!

  11. We believe that thinking DIFFERENTLY will CHANGE the world!

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