Why choose BSP

Evolving beyond traditional education

Choosing a school for your child is never an easy thing. There are many aspects that you, as a parent, need to consider. BSP is the right choice for your child for the following reasons:

  1. The only British School Overseas in Bulgaria

  2. Bringing British Education to local and international families

  3. Offering all Educational Levels (From Kindergarten to College)

  4. Providing Cambridge International programmes (Cambridge Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper-Secondary) - the most prestigious and recognized all over the world

  5. Offering the International Baccalaureate - the highest educational standards (IB Diploma Programme & IB Career-related Programme)

  6. Excellent preparation for future success at any University

  7. Ensuring Outstanding Teaching throw continues professional development

  8. Focuses on personalized learning - tailored to your child

  9. Providing a safe environment, support, and guidance

  10. The only Apple school in Bulgaria

British Education

British education has a robust worldwide reputation. Parents choose British schools due to the balanced curriculum and teaching that provide the skills and qualifications students need to enter or re-enter, the UK education system at any level.


British education has a worldwide reputation for quality:

The reputation of the British educational tradition is due in part to the fame and academic excellence of institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge. The British education is focussed on processes and outcomes - what should a child know and be able to do at any given age - as opposed to emphasising the acquisition of specific knowledge. Certain key principles, starting from the early years, run through the whole of the education system: the notion that each child is unique and that this is important; an emphasis on developing positive relationships (with teachers, parents, peers); a focus on enabling environments (learning does not happen exclusively in the classroom); and finally, learning and development - looking at outcomes and results, but only as one facet of a child's education. Choosing a British International school not only gives students the benefit of British education, but it is also eminently transferrable for families that may need to relocate

What makes BSP education special?

Offering a British International Curriculum, we take the best from the British Education and nurture it in an international setting. BSP aims to situate students in a nurturing environment, where even their biggest aims and ambitions can be a reality. Here are some of the factors that play a part in this process.


We believe that:

  • achievements are without limits, aim high and we will help your child be the best they can be
  • creativity and challenge help us get better every day; igniting curiosity
  • unique global opportunities enhance every student’s learning experience

Global Community

We believe that:

  • international mindedness runs deep through our school; we enrich your child’s learning experience with opportunities beyond the ordinary
  • from debates and online challenges, international competitions, and field-trips, all take learning outside of the classroom and into the real world
  • encouraging them to be global citizens, whilst developing resilience and passion for self-development
  • globally recognized qualifications, Checkpoints, IGCSE and IB ensure your child will gain recognition wherever they study or work in the future

Personalized Learning

We believe that:

  • small class sizes, our teachers know every child individually and can respond to your child’s strengths, adapting our learning model to help them overcome challenges
  • nurture essential skills to equip your child to succeed in every aspect of their education.

Maximum Security

BSP team believes, that every child will grow happy and healthy when surrounded by tender care, love, confidence, and respect. The organization of school activities provokes children to think and create, to recognise and develop their skills and gifts, to grow as active, responsible and competitive personalities.

We wish our children to feel secure, loved, to believe in the environment and people surrounding them, to accept their kindergarten and school as their own home fireside.

Future-oriented education

The greatest challenge for us, educators, is that we have to prepare our children for their future careers in 10, 15 year - time by implementing the technology and matrix of education available today! Therefore, one of the most important strategies of the BSP, among others, is that we developed an educational model that is able to overcome the challenges of the future. We want our students to understand the double meaning of the word ‘future

  • First, on the one hand, to have a successful career so that they can make their own contribution to our society


  • Second: to be able to think and live ahead of their time, to be natural leaders, so that they can predict crises and changes, control and manage them and, thus, contribute to the social welfare.

Academic Rigour both internally and externally

BSP includes learning of a wide circle of cultural domains, such as English - native language, foreign languages such as Spanish, French and German, mathematics, information and communication technology, social sciences and civil education, sciences, arts, and physical education and sports; all of them are elements of the curriculum, which is obligatory.

This process of acquiring knowledge is not restricted only in the domains of traditional subjects but reflects the living life by extensive research and careful discussing of real problems from the contemporary environment. In this way people are created, ready to take along their path of life, standing up for their ideas and concepts. The overall program for developing student’s personality emphasizes on the multilateral growth of the individual as a physique, intellect, emotionality, and ethics.

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