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Native Languages classes offered by BSS:

Alongside learning foreign languages, BSS believes that nurturing and developing a child’s mother tongue is essential.

English is our official native language or language of instruction, all subjects are taught in English. Language support is offered for students not fluent in English.

Bulgarian native language: offered for all students with Bulgarian origin and high level of Bulgarian.


  • Internal-mindedness is central to BSS and we believe maintaining one’s mother-tongue something that is central to that ethos
  • Bilingualism is proven to have a positive effect on children's linguistic and educational development
  • Native language learnings enable other languages to be learned more easily
  • Emotional well-being is essential to a successful student, a student’s sense of national-pride is fostered and central to school life

Foreign languages classes offered by BSS:

We strongly believe that the richer a person’s language skills are, the deeper their understanding of other cultures, traditions and countries becomes. This is a key aspect in developing global citizens who are communicators, knowledgeable and reflective.

At BSS we offer a range of foreign languages in order to nurture these qualities in our students.

All pupils are exposed to a foreign language from Grade 3 and up. Not only are foreign languages important, but we strongly believe that our pupils should have a good understanding of the language of the country in which they live.

With this in mind, these are the languages studied at BSS:

Bulgarian foreign language: offered for the foreigner students from KG to 4 Grade

Foreign modern languages start at Grade 3. Students begin to learn Spanish.

External examinations for Foreign Languages according to the European Languages Framework:

Bulgarian Foreign Language,

Spanish Foreign Language,

We are also aware that, as an international school, we will have different demands for new languages. This servise will be considered for each individual case.

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