House Systems

The house system is a traditional feature of British schools. The students are divided into groups called "houses" and each student is allocated to one house at the moment of enrolment. Houses compete with one another, providing a focus for group loyalty, functioning as a support system between peers and connecting students from different age groups.

We at BSP decided that the closest thing to a small comunity is a tribe or a nation. Therefore we named our houses after mighty people with diferent cultures and lifestyles. We have three of them: House Romans, House Vikings and House Thracians.



Several times a year, usually after completing a topic or at the end of each quarter, the whole school gathers and organises a Houses Competition in three categories: Sports, Art and Brainiac. The students from each house get together with their leader- Lady/Lord of the House, reflect on their skills and discuss in which category each student will compete.

As a result, we have a very strong student community; children that support each other, selfless team players ready to give their best for a common cause.

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