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A visit at the Museum of Aviation

17 Jul 2020

The human race has always been fascinated with flying: the effortless gliding through the air, far from the earthly problems. Nowadays, flying is the culmination of science, dictated by our ancestor’s ambitions. And this is why we took our pupils to the Museum of Aviation.

Probably most of us have already experienced travelling on a commercial flight. But how can a big, metal, winged behemoth transport people and goods while staying afloat, kilometers above the earth’s surface?  This and many more questions were answered by the tour guide of the museum during the discussion in English.

English? Yes, that’s correct! At first, the members of the museum staff were a bit unsure about a discussion conducted in English. How can children as young as ours be able to have a scientific and historical conversation in English? Will they understand it? However, it appeared, that ours are not just any students, but the BSS ones. Those, who speak English all the time at school. Those who are smart and cognitive. After this became clear, we had a blast among the huge airplanes propped in the airfield.

This visit was only a small part of our full-day summer school programme, spanning over the intricate British curriculum used at BSS Plovdiv. It runs until the middle of august and the application process is still open.

Are you interested in a full time enrollment? We got you covered: check out the full time admission requirements for future students or book a visit.

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