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External swimming lessons

16 Jul 2020

Are you already longing for the summer holidays? Because our small but budding BSS family surely does!

In lieu to this, Mr. Boyan, our PE teacher, winner of more than 100 medals in swimming, an ex-national swimming team participant and a very nice guy in general, is having his holiday right now. We all hope that he is having a blast!

However, this doesn't mean that all the sports activities and in particular the swimming lessons are being canceled. The students visited the BabySwim pool, where they were learning to swim during the winter. Now they can finally show off what they learned.

"But why is swimming so important for my children?", you ask. Here is why:

  • Drowning is still ranked as one of the most common incidents among children. Therefore, being able to swim can be a life-saving skill.
  • Swimming, like most of the sports develop your child's health, including lung capacity, strength, flexibility and even the body's posture.
  • It can be a very competitive sport. As such, it teaches how to cope with challenges and boosts the self esteem and confidence. 
  • Of course, swimming is also fun, especially when the temperatures outside are as high as they are now.

And there you have it: Mr. Boyan's absence cannot be and will not be an obstruction to developing the above mentioned skills in our pupils. 

How important for you is that your child has the opportunity to develop not only his or her physique, but to also have fun and learn new things? Very important? Great! 

Because our Summer School programme is exactly what you are looking for. 

Enroll your younglings with us for the summer and ensure that they experience our holistic approach to education first hand. 



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