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A visit at the Ethnographic Museum of Plovdiv

18 Jun 2020

Would you like to be a time detective? The type of detective who goes in search of evidence from the past. Evidence that tells you where people lived, what people did and what happened to them. And all detectives need clues – we found ours at the Ethnographic Museum of Plovdiv.

Why take our pupils to the museum anyways? It’s full of old and dusty specimens and nothing interesting is going on there. To this we answer: hold your horses and read on.

The Cambridge curriculum that we use at BSS is divided into different educational themes. Each of them has its purpose and spans several educational disciplines, effectively uniting them under a single banner. In the Time Detectives theme we teach our pupils the following:

  • In History they learn how to find out about the past. This is the foundation of analyzing information and also has ties to the concept of critical thinking
  • In Science they learn about the different materials, what their properties are and how they age differently.
  • In Art they learn about examining old objects and discussing their presence in paintings and photographs.

When looking at the different components of the Time Detectives theme, what would be the best place in town to demonstrate them to our pupils? Yes, that’s correct. The Ethnographic Museum. That’s why we visited it.

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