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Commemorating the International Friendship Day

30 Jul 2020

Today was an awesome day! And here is why:

The United Nations wanted to create a holiday that promoted understanding between different cultures and taught the youth of today the importance of diversity. What they came up with was the International Day of Friendship, which is celebrated today.

To commemorate it, we created the Friendship tree. The trunk was painted in color and all the different leaves were prints of the pupils’ and teachers’ hands.

This exercise taught us the concept of symbolism and what metaphors are. The trunk of the Friendship tree represents the longevity and endurance of the true friendship. The colourful leaves represent the joy that buds from your relationships with those, who are closest to us.

So, dear friends, hug your soulmates! Do something nice for them! Tell them how much you care and bring joy in their lives.

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