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We celebrated the World Bee Day

22 May 2023
Did you know that if bees suddenly go extinct, the humankind will have about 4 years before we go extinct too? And this is why the bees are so important and we observe this day!
Today at school we raised awareness among the students about the importance of bees. Several activities took place, so the students remember what they learned, since learning by doing is probably the best practice!
First of all, the students were divided into groups and each group represented a type of pollinator: a bee, a humming bird, a bat. Then the groups had to actually go around the school and look for flowers (which their teachers have left around) and then pollinate them. The pollen itself was glitter, so so allergies were triggered. 
Secondly, the students were divided into teams again, and each team represented a stage in the bees' life cycle. Then every team had to make cutouts which represented the team's lyfe cycle stage. Afterwards, the cutouts were made into garlands, which were hanged around the school, so they keep reminding everyone about the importance of bees.
Check out the school calendar for more information about the events and the celebrations at BSS Plovdiv, 
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