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Our first science experiment

29 Novr 2019

The first of many future science experiments just yielded results!

As a part of the PBL (Project Based Learning) we got several beans. We wanted to see what plants need in order to grow. So we planted those beans in different environments. Some were planted in cotton pads, some in sand and some in soil from our garden. Furthermore, we made sure that the beans received the same amount of water and sunlight.  

It turned out, that the plant in the cotton germinated the fastest, closely followed by the one in soil. The beans from the cups filled with sand just barely developed. 

As being a part of our current educational theme, this experiment showed our pupils crucial insights. A plant needs not only water and sunlight, but also growth nutrients, available in the soil and the cotton, being a part of a plant itself. 

So, dear parents, next time you plant something, ask your children how to do it. And if they studied with us, they'll tell you! 

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