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Grades 1 & 2 visited the Museum of Aviation in Krumovo

03 Apr 2024

The IPC unit “Time Travellers” has just started. During this unit the students are focusing on learning in History - personal and local history, events and significant inventions from the past. In order to set the tone of this history topic, the students visited the Museum of Aviation in Krumovo.

The trip offered a unique opportunity for them to delve into the fascinating world of aviation history, exploring the evolution of flight from its earliest beginnings to modern advancements. At the museum, they had the chance to witness iconic aircraft up close, learn about the pioneers of aviation, and engage in hands-on activities that enriched their understanding of this transformative aspect of human history.

We believe that this field trip will not only complement our current curriculum but also inspire curiosity, spark imagination, and foster a lifelong love for learning in your child.

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