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British Science Week at BSS

13 Mar 2023

The aim of the annual British Science Week is to raise awareness, spark enthusiasm and celebrate science, engineering, technology and maths with people of all ages and from all walks of life. As an accredited British School Overseas, we naturally took part in this initiative.

The students participated in many scientific and STEM activities, which were thoughtfully organized by their teachers. Some of the most memorable and fun demonstrations were:

  • Food chain. We took to the school yard and each student was given a role, depicting a link from the food chain. Some students were plants, some insects, others herbivores and the rest carnivores. Through playing tag, the students not only emulated the food chain in the nature but also exercised it in the crispy fresh air outside.
  • Running water. This is a scientific experiment, demonstrating the capillary action of liquids. The students poured water mixed with food colouring into several cups. Then they put paper serviettes in the cups, in such a way that the paper links every two consecutive cups. Due to the colourful solutions inside, everyone was able to see how the water creeps through the paper and pours itself in the next in line cup. If given enough time, the colour of the liquid in all cups would have been the same.
  • Tin can phone. We’ve all probably heard about linking two tin cans with a wire, so the people on the two ends can hear each other, after they speak in the can. The BSS students made their own such device and the aim of the experiment was to guess what each of them said on the “phone”.

These and similar other activities not only teach the students to love and appreciate science, but also separates our school from the rest of the public and private educational institutions in Bulgaria and sets a bright example of interactive learning experience.

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