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First School Day of the 2022-2023 Academic Year

07 Sep 2022

The first day of school – a time when hearts flutter! A day filled with a palette of emotions – joy, anticipation, happiness and maybe a little bit of fear. We were glad to welcome the new faces, who joined our budding community and to see the veterans, who joined BSS Plovdiv years ago.

After the speech by our Headmaster Mr. Matthew Osborn, the traditional loaf of bread was broken and offered with honey and salt to the students as a token of strength, persistence and happiness. Afterwards, the symbolic first school bell was rung by our Study Coordinator, Mr. Boyan Melev and then all the students met their teachers, saw the freshly decorated rooms and began or, in some cases, continued their educational jouney.

In that regard, we’d like to express our profound gratitude to you, the parents, for entrusting your children to our care. We are proud to have them!


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