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The Success Skills of tomorrow: a public discussion at BSS campus Plovdiv

01 Jul 2020

On the 1st of July at BSS Campus Plovdiv a public discussion took place. The theme was Success skills for tomorrow: the requirements for the future workforce. 

Special guests were Desislava Terzieva (mayor of Markovo), Ivan Fratev (chairman of the Business for Plovdiv association), Viktor Gugushev (president of FBN NextGen) and more.

During the event the most crucial skills in the young generation were discussed, together with the means for enhancing the said skills form an early age. The public and the speakers concluded, that some of the most important are:

  • Digital literacy: the most basic computer skills aren’t even considered as a real competence anymore. The younger generation is expected to be able to code, design and implement IT solutions.
  • Critical thinking: the ability to be the “devil’s advocate”, to think independently and to find new solutions. All of these are the cornerstones of the process of innovation.
  • Communication skills: they are critical for becoming a successful member of our society. You should be able to effectively express yourself and convey your ideas.


What comes next? On the 09.07.2020 BSS Campus Plovdiv will host another event, and namely  The Festival of Knowledge. There all the above mentioned skills will be demonstrated by our students in real time.


Visit us and become a part of the festival.

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