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Young journalists visit the public library in Markovo

08 Feb 2024

Students who learn Bulgarian as a native language visited the library in Markovo. There they learned a lot about the history of the village from the Mrs. Stoyanova, secretary of the library and from other long-time inhabitants of Markovo. Yes, having a lesson out of the school premises is nice and all, but what was the real point of the trip?

Mrs. Radoslava Stancheva, who teaches Bulgarian as a native language, is preparing her students for participation in the National Students Journalism competition “Grigor Popov” (available in Bulgarian only). There, students from all over the country compete with pieces, which they wrote themselves. Those may be an interview, a short story, an article or the likes. The final results will be announced in June.

BSP students traditionally participate in national and international competitions. Recently some of ours competed in the English and Science International School Olympiads and in December was the International Abacus Olympiad.

We wish best of luck to our students and their teacher in the students journalism competition!

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