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PSHE lesson at the Court of Law - students step into a judge's shoes

09 Oct 2023

The PSHE lessons are an inseparable part of the curriculum of every British school. PSHE stand for Physical, Social and Health Education. There the students are taught various topics, e.g. how to stay physically fit, how to act in different social environments, how to stay healthy, etc. 

Currently, the social part of the lessons deal with the various professions, which the adults occupy and we had the pleasure to be invited to the Regional court of law in Plovdiv. There grades 1 and 2 took a tour of the premises, heard about the job of a judge and were given a presentation about a general legal career. 

The school trips are always conducted with educational purposes and demonstrate the practical aspect of the studies at BSP. This way we combine the academics and the practice into one strong whole, so the students receive the best of the curriculum.

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