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Space Week at the planetarium - BSP students learn about the Universe

10 Oct 2023

Space Week – a celebration of science, exploration and sacrifice made by mankind. A culmination of the efforts of countless stargazers through the millennia, who contributed to the human knowledge about the Universe.

As an international school, focused on the holistic education we could not resist the temptation to celebrate Space Week with our students. For the purpose, we took them to the planetarium at the Natural History Museum in Plovdiv. There we saw an awesome movie, called “The Hot and Energetic Universe”. It was about the variety of cosmic bodies and the different ways we use for observing them. For example, did you know that the mirror of the biggest European telescope has a diameter of 14 meters? Amazing isn’t it?

And as the school trips go, there is always an educational purpose. This time, the students were asked to create projects, centered on the theme of the Space Week. We hope that they’ll be able to present at least some of the projects during the traditional presentations in the end of each IPC topic.

In case you are eager to learn more about our Universe, watch the video below – the same one the students saw today. And the credits for the video go solely to the European Southern Observatory (ESO).


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