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BSP Ski Week - unforgettable snowy adventure

19 Feb 2024

Ski Week ended. Everyone, who participated brought home invaluable memories. The students not only learned how to ski. They learned how to be independent. How to take care of themselves, while away from the caring caress of their parents. And ultimately, got the taste of being adults for a week. Apart from that, the Ski Week helped with bonding and strengthening the relationships among the students.

This year we chose Pamporovo. There the young skiers were divided into three groups: amateurs, intermediate and advanced. Each group got a caring, well prepared English speaking instructor, who aided in the common goal of getting better at the winter sports. As a result in the end of the week, the students who had never skied before, managed to slide down the easier slopes. The advanced ones mastered some of the hardest skiing tracks available in Pamporovo.

Due to all the above reasons, the Ski Week is an important part of the school life at BSP. Not only that, it is also part of the PE curriculum, since it improves the sports skills, teaches discipline and is of adventurous nature.

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