British kindergarten - preparing our children for success in an international environment

02 Novr 2021

What should be the role of the kindergarten in the life of my child?

This is one of the first questions we should ask, while cherry picking the best kindergarten.

Some of us will correctly answer that the role of such an institution is defining for the success and the upbringing of the children. A kindergarten of a high quality should build the foundations, required for the early development of important personal traits. The mindset that the children should study only in school has become obsolete. Learning is a never ednding process, which stould start as early as possible, in order to prepare the young ones for the future success which every child deserves. In Plovdiv this happens at the kindergarten, which is a part of British School of Sofia - campus Plovdiv (BSS Plovdiv).  

During the process of upbringing and education BSS Plovdiv implements the holistic approach, combined with pastoral care. This way the institution enriches the children's minds, develops their talents, teaches them to be independent, to take measured risks, etc. All of these skills and personal qualities are direct prerequisites for successful development in the future. 

It is often said, that our child learned or remembered something. This is amazing but not the most important. Remembereing facts shouldn't be the main focus in the kindergarten . Our children should be armed with applicable skills, which should help them cope with a plethora of real life situations. The youngsters should be able to analyze themselves and the others and reflect upon their findings. They should be able to take independent decisions in dynamic situations, appropriate for their age. And based on their own critical thinking to be able to provide constructive feedback. 

Furthermore, of paramount importance in the British kindergarten are the safety, security, physical and mental well-being of the children. This is further enhanced by the young and energetic teaching staff, who creates caring and loving atmosphere, similar to the one at home. And the children rapidly evolve into successful learners due to the enviroment, which their teachers create. When they trust their tutors and know that they'll receive all the needed attention, the children develop their potential to the maximum. 

The education process is conducted entirely in English in an international environment, where the foreign pupils are more than 30% of all the children at BSS Plovdiv. The British diplomas and certificates for education are internationally recognized, including by the Bulgarian institutions

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