BSS Plovdiv House System: Romans

25 Jan 2021

The house system is a traditional feature of the British schools. The students are divided into groups called "houses" and each student is allocated to a house. Houses compete with one another, providing a focus for group loyalty, functioning as a support system between peers and connecting students from different age groups.

At BSS Plovdiv we now have 3 houses. The first of them is called Romans and the Roman Capitolium is their emblem. The Lady of House Romans is Mrs. Suzana Kyorova.

The Capitolium is on the central hill in Rome and it is the place, where the fate of the empire is decided (the parliament). At the British School of Sofia we have an intricate approach to teaching and learning, where most the subjects are parts of an intertwined holistic system. This is why we chose the image of the Capitolium for the emblem of the Romans. The image above has a deeper meaning and it can be incorporated in a variety of lessons. For example:

  • Project based learning. Roman oratory is the basic foundation for almost all kinds of presentations, public speaking, etc. So, while the students are getting ready to present their projects at the end of the trimester, they’ll also learn about how the Romans did it millennia ago.
  • Apart from the Mental Math lessons, our students learn trigonometry, arithmetic, etc. You probably already guessed the variety of mathematical problems that can be incorporated in the lessons only by looking at the emblem of the Romans. Counting: hoy many columns can you see? Adding and subtracting: what if we add two more columns? What if we remove three of them? And what would be the surface area of the columns, if the roof is 2 sq.m. and the foundations are 4 sq.m., given that the whole area is 10 sq.m.? The possibilities are endless!
  • International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a theme based subject in the British Primary schools, where the major sciences are taught, e.g. Geography, History, Social sciences, etc. The Roman Empire spawned 3 continents: the geography lessons are already there, together with historical and the cultural ones.   

Apart from the academics behind the emblem, it is easily drawn even by the youngest children. All you need is a couple of vertical lines with a triangle on the top. The color code is green, since it represent longevity, prosperity and rebirth, all of those parts of values of the Roman Empire.

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