Mental Math at the British School of Sofia

10 Sep 2020

Memory enhancement. Speech development. Attention span expansion. Most of you will agree that these are important in the process of a child becoming an adult. Therefore, the focus of the academic 2020/2021 will be to further help our pupils develop these skills and more. How? We introduce you Mental Math!

What is it and how does it work?

Said in the least complicated way, it allows you to do calculations in your head. Yes, you can probably calculate 2 x 2. Maybe even 176 + 491. But can you divide and multiply by the millions and do it in the timespan of mere seconds? Probably not. But the British School of Sofia can give this opportunity to your child.

The tool that underpins the lessons is the abacus, known as the “suanpan” in China, and the “soroban” in Japan.  At first, children use an abacus, then special cards, and then something magical happens: they can do the calculations in their head, imagining the abacus in front of them. Just consider the amount of imagination and mental processing required for that!

Your children can just throw away their conventional calculators - after our training, they will be able to do all operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, with any numbers.

How does the Mental Math improve the mental state of the pupils?

This system is an original and complete brain-building method. It develops both sides of the brain and helps your child develop both intellectual and creative skills. 

The intellectual skills include quick calculations, a powerful visual and auditory memory and concentration.

The creative skills, meanwhile, include resourcefulness, a sixth sense, and innovative problem-solving techniques.

Actually, mental math is not only about math. A shocker, isn’t it? The mathematical techniques are just means to a more important end: developing both sides of the brain, which will directly affect your child's success in the future

Besides, mental math offers:

  • Better results at school;
  • The potential to learn several foreign languages;
  • Self-confidence and independence;
  • The full realization of children’s potential in their future career or business.

Having all the above in mind, we are even amazed at ourselves why we implement this method now and not long ago. We are also excited to introduce our pupils to it. You as parents will see the results only in couple of months, after the initial training has been concluded.


You got any questions regarding the Mental Math and the advantages of it? Contact us and we’ll gladly explain!

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