The Whys and the Hows of the thinking based learning at BSS

13 Aug 2020

Do you know who this is?

We would be very surprised if you knew.

This is Robert Swartz, the father of the Thinking Based Learning concept (TBL). And what does this smiling gentleman has to do with the British School of Sofia? It is simple: we implement his TBL techniques in our classes, effectively becoming the first certified Thinking School in Bulgaria.

But what is TBL and why we use it at BSS? We are glad you asked. Here are the answers.

What stays forever in demand is the skill to think critically and creatively. To be able to judge the reliability of the information, to choose wisely and predict accurately are just a few of the thinking skills of the 21st century . The pupils at BSS start learning them from the age of 3. And along the way those are internalised and the quality thinking becomes the standard approach to life for our students. Cool, isn’t it?

Most of the traditional teaching methods that we experienced at school and that sadly our children continue experiencing are teacher centered. This means, that your teacher will enter the room, the class will start and a bunch of information will be poured down your ears. You are expected to memorize it, and be prepared to answer questions in order to demonstrate “remembering” skills. Let’s be honest: you can just google the information you need. Then why not change the teaching approach? See? You already start thinking critically.

At the British School of Sofia by implementing the TBL concept, we effectively use the student centered model of education. We don’t simply provide our students with tremendous amount of raw information, say “goodbye” and go home. Contrary to the traditional methods, the children at BSS do not answer questions. They ask questions. How does this work? What is the point of studying this? How to solve this problem?  This is a great habit of mind, which trains critical thinking, quality of inquiry and at later stages evolves into the ability to make decisions, participate in projects and create concepts.

Yes, we know some of you will be skeptical. However, the world around us has evolved so much since the time we were at school. The future doesn’t need people who simply repeat something they learned. The future needs visionaries: people who extend the frontiers of the humankind. And that process starts with teaching children at a very early age to think, invent and conceptualise.

Need a proof about the results from the TBL teaching at the British School of Sofia? Check out the e-book, which our 6 year olds wrote!  Or how about Darina, who, with her essay, won the opportunity to go to the Space Camp in Izmir and meet real astronauts?

Interesting, isn't it? Then book an appointment, visit us and we will tell you even more!


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