The 4 pillars of pastoral care at BSS and why they are important

30 Jul 2020

They are the Spiritual, Social, Moral and Cultural compasses, which shape the worldview of an individual. As a part of the British Curriculum, which we use at BSS Plovdiv, these 4 aspects of the learning process are implemented on a daily basis. And yes, they are indeed a part of the study structure. Sometimes, they are incorporated in other subjects and themes. Sometimes, they are the focus of the classes. Our point being, that they are an important aspect of the true British education, which makes it renowned for its quality around the world.

The pastoral care at BSS Plovdiv is not simply a homely environment and friendly teachers. It goes above and beyond and is a product of years of development and strict methodology. By incorporating the Spiritual, Social, Moral and Cultural values in the teaching process, we not only develop the students holistically: we enrich the capacity of their souls. Furthermore, the pastoral care promotes wellbeing, safety and security, good behavior and more. All of these are step stones towards the development of important soft skills in the pupils and directly influence the skills for success of tomorrow.

And this doesn’t simply occur. All the teachers at the British School of Sofia – Campus Plovdiv are constantly undergoing professional development and training programmes. Because, who said that the teachers should only teach? They need to learn too! This way, we keep the higher standards, required by the British Ministry of Education. Representatives of the said institution inspect the British Schools Overseas every couple of years, ensuring that all goes according to the British curriculum, including the quality of the pastoral care.

In case you still need more information on this matter, you can contact us directly and ask. Or, you can book a visit, see our school and experience the British way of teaching in Plovdiv.

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