How to aid your child with remote learning: 5 tips for parents

21 Apr 2020

Teaching how to use technology for educational purposes has always been of a paramount importance at BSS. Our pupils start on this endeavor at a very early age. The first encounter with technology usually happens at preschool age and is a part of our IEYC programme. At school, the children have their teachers’ guidance. But what happens at home, especially in the today’s remote learning reality?

Truth be told, the elder pupils, who are a part of the Secondary School already have their computer skills developed to a point at which they can most likely cope with various e-learning platforms. However, we’d like to share some tips with the parents of the younger ones, so their heirs feels safe and comfortable during their remote learning experience.

1. Make sure your child uses only e-learning platforms approved by the school.

At BSS – Campus Plovdiv we use Zoom, which is one of the recommended by UNESCO We complement it with our own e-learning software, where learning material is uploaded on regular basis and is accessible by the whole BSS community: teachers, students and parents. Therefore, make sure that your child is using Zoom and check the parental portal regularly, to see whether all the assignments are completed by your child.

2. Make sure the device used is in an appropriate place.

If the student is using a portable device, ensure that the learning experience is happening at the right place in your house. Let’s agree that studying from the bedroom, where a random person clad in a dressing gown can pass by, isn’t optimal. We advise you to put the living room to a good use. And while doing that, make sure that no personal information about your family is visible. This can be done by using a neutral Zoom background, for example.

3. Make sure that the time for lessons is used for lessons.

The attention span, especially of the younger pupils, can be very short. And despite the hard work of the teachers, their minds will probably start wondering at some point. Therefore, as a parent, we advise you to make sure that your child is using the learning device for lessons and not for other purposes, e.g. social media, video platforms, streaming, etc.

4. Make sure that the screen time is limited.

As Dutch, H. et al., among many other behavioral scientists note, the long exposure of children to internet content can be devastating in relation to their development. Therefore, we kindly as you, the parents, to ensure that breaks from the screen are taken often. Even while the remote learning is happening, we encourage that parents to insist on breaks, just the same way the students have breaks at school. And while the device used for learning is not in use, keep it shut.

5. Make sure that feedback is given and received.

We give feedback about students’ behavior, marks, and overall progress on regular basis in our Eschool platform. Furthermore, parents can request personal meetings with our teaching or administration However, due to the current situation, dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to meet in person. Therefore, we encourage you to ask us for our feedback via e-mail or Zoom meetings. And we will be more than happy to receive yours.

To wrap it up, we at BSS – Campus Plovdiv are happy, that the remote learning so far has been successful. And we hope that we helped you to better facilitate the process at home. 

Furthermore, our Sofia Campus organizes Coffee Morning events, where you can meet online with other parents and school staff and discuss how everyone is coping with the current situation.  

If you have further questions, inquiries or simply need more information on the matter, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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