Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

School: *Please note that at BSS students start Grade 1 on the age of 6.

  1. Filled online Apply Online form
  2. Copy of child’s Birth Certificate and /or Passport;
  3. Copies of а parent Passports / ID Card / Residence Permit;
  4. School Academic and Attendance Reports for the previous two academic years (where applicable). These should be translated in English or Bulgarian;
  5. А placement test in English and Maths or proof of English Level and placement in Maths (Grades 4 - 8);
  6. Entrance into IGCSE Programme (Pre-IGCSE and IGCSE 1) – entrance exams in English and Maths done during trial days individually arranged with the family (Students who appy during summer need to sit on exams and pass an interview)

For Grades 1, 2 & 3 there are no entry exams or interview with the child taking place for enrolment.

* Exams are individually arranged with agreed day and time

Medical documents needed for enrolment in School (6 – 18 years old) at the British School of Plovdiv

  1. Health prophylactic card child completed by GP (General Practitioner)
  2. Data from GP for the immunization status of the child, in accordance with Regulation N15 2005 immunizations in Bulgaria. (OG. 45th 2005)
  3. A medical note from your GP about the lack of contact with infected patients
  4. Information about the GP.

For further details, please, contact our Admissions Office at 0889 910 910 or office@bsplovdiv.bg

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