Financial Terms & Conditions

School Fees

School fees are quoted in Euro for an academic year (10 months).

Full Year Enrolment

The ENROLMENT FEE is for new pupils only. It is a one-off payment, no discount and refund are applicable on the enrolment fee. It aims to confirm the pupil’s place at the school.

Enrolment of a pupil is for a full school year. The tuition is payable either on a whole year basis (annual fee or an early bird fee) or in 2 or 3 installments as per the table above.

The school fee initial installment for the school year or annual school fee must be paid before June 28th, 2019. No pupil may return to school until at least the initial tuition fee has been fully paid for the year in question.


No refund is payable if:

  1. The School receives cancellation for a student less than seven (7) days before the school year/semester commencement date.
  2. A student withdraws or cancels their enrolment any time after their academic year/semester commencement date.
  3. The terms and conditions of the enrolment agreement entered into by the student and the School are breached, including any breach of School policy.
  4. The student’s enrolment is canceled by the School, including cancellation caused by student misconduct or if the student is canceled for unsatisfactory academic progress.
  5. In any of the above cases, the School may choose to grant a refund if there are compelling, compassionate or exceptional circumstances, which can be verified by the student with satisfactory evidence provided to the School.

The entry of a Student during the school year

Tuition fees for mid-year enrolment are pro-rata, based on the total number of school weeks remaining in the academic year (excluding holidays).

Failure to pay school fees

Failure to make payments within the set deadlines will result in the suspension of the pupil.

In case the payment is delayed for more than 1 week the School may not be in a position to offer a place.

No documents, certificates or reports will be issued unless the outstanding amounts are paid.

Pupils will be permitted to attend the school only on receipt of application and payment tuition fees.

Discounts on tuition fees

Family discount is applied to a second, third and subsequent child enrolled at the British School of Sofia.

A discount of 5% applies for a second child and 10% for a third or subsequent child of one family.

Fees are published in February for the next academic year.

Annual re-enrollment fee

Parents will be sent a re-enrollment form for the following school year in March 2019. Places for students will only be secured after the “Re-enrolment Contract” has been signed and the following payments, according to fee installment schemes, are made.

An annual re-enrollment fee is included in a proforma invoice sent out by 31st May 2019 and is debited from the fees for the next academic year.

Parents of pupils intending to leave the school in June must send written confirmation of their departure before 31st May 2019.

Payment schemes of tuition fees

Families have three payment schemes on their disposal:

  • Annual fee (an early bird fee for re-enrolling pupils only).
  • Payment in 2 installments.
  • Payment in 3 installments.

Annual fee (an Early Bird fee)

The early bird fee is applicable for re-enrolling students only. It is split into two equal installments and has a discount included. The first installment is paid in advance by 31st May 2019 and the second one is paid before 31st August 2019.

New families have to pay the full amount of the annual fee by 31 August 2019.

For further details, please, contact our Admissions Officer at 0889 910 910 or

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