Extracurricular Activities

Modern Dance

Modern dance is a broad genre of theatrical dance. 

We will try to inspire all the participants with the magic of dance. By using their own interpretations dancers express their feelings and create memorable contemporary dances.

Children love the idea of dancing so much!

Come and join our groups! It would be a fantastic journey in the world of music, dance, theatre and art.

Modern dance is led by Tanya Gugleva, Ballet teacher at BSS Plovdiv. 

Tanya is eager, energetic, self-motivated and professional with extensive outstanding technical abilities and a uniquely creative touch; all of which are guaranteed to please any audience and leave a profound impression. 
She has worked as a Ballet dancer at the People’s Opera, Plovdiv and as a Ballet teacher of the ballet classes. She is also producer of dance performances and ballet costume designer and decorator.


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